AfterWork Theater brings people together, transcends social barriers, and strengthens communities. We customize our programmatic offerings to meet the interests and needs of each partner. Discover what AfterWork Theater can offer to your community.

Why AfterWork?

At AfterWork Theater, we’re all about fun, community, and creative self-expression. The act of creating theater together forms bonds unlike in any other social setting. We’ve mastered the art of constructing a safe and supportive environment that encourages our participants to take risks, build lasting friendships, and strengthen their confidence both on and off stage. The result? Spectacular performances that audiences love and participants are proud of.

Community Building at Our Core

AfterWork Theater’s participants include teachers, lawyers, students, retirees, and everything in between. Whether there are individuals in your community who performed years ago and are eager to step back into the spotlight, or they’re looking to challenge themselves by trying something new, AfterWork Theater’s programs provide the opportunity for everyone to find their light. And the best part is they’re designed to be accessible and tailored to highlight the interests, talents, and abilities of the individuals we work with. Read about our core values here.

Creating Shared Value Together

Want to host AfterWork Theater at your facility? Let’s work together to treat your community to uplifting theatrical experiences. Our programs are facilitated by carefully selected creative staff who are trained to deliver the ultimate participant experience. AfterWork Theater’s partnerships are collaborative, mutually beneficial, and cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates the many diverse forms of creative self-expression. Invite us to enrich your community today.

Contact Us

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Our Community Partners

“It was a joy working with AfterWork Theater. The fully produced, original Sing Out! production was a life changing experience for the participants at the Initiative for Women with Disabilities. It was amazing to see the participants shine on stage with an inspiring, heartfelt performance. Thanks again for being open and for extending this great opportunity to the disabled community.”

Connie Lam

Director, Initiative for Women with Disabilities