Our programs are tuition-based in order to partially cover the cost of producing theater in NYC. We recognize the value of a dollar means something different to every individual; therefore, we offer Pay What You Can options for tuition. You can check out the pricing of each program on their individual pages.

Our ability to continue offering Pay What You Can options is contingent on those with the ability to pay full tuition choosing that option. If we do not have enough full priced tuition participants, it may result in canceling the program.

Other ways to reduce tuition

In addition to Pay What You Can, you can also opt to spread your payments out over two, three, or even four months. If none of our Pay What You options are within your budget, you can also apply for Financial Assistance for anywhere from 25-100% off your tuition.

How can I support this program?

Every donation we receive helps us continue to offer these options, as well as fund our Financial Assistance Program for even more tuition relief. Please consider making a donation to help remove the cost-barrier for those who need it.