Financial Assistance

AfterWork Theater is committed to providing the opportunity to anyone who wants to be in a show. While tuition is necessary to keep the stage lights on, we are committed to offering financial support where it’s needed most. There are two ways to receive tuition relief when registering to participate in our shows. The first is to apply credits which can be accrued at any time through AWT’s CrewNer program. You can learn more about that here. The second option is to apply for financial assistance.

Financial support is awarded to participants with limited monetary means who exemplify AWT’s core values. The complete set of core values can be found here, ranging from building community to leaning into the discomfort of the creative process to demonstrating excellence in commitment. If you want to be in a show, you exemplify AWT’s core values, and you currently have limited financial means then click below to apply for financial assistance.

AWT staff will make all applications anonymous before they are submitted to the financial assistance review board. Applicants will be notified via email one week after the application deadline.

Financial Assistance Application

The submission deadline for Financial Assistance for Bye Bye Birdie and Sing Out: Thoroughly Modern Musicals has passed. Please check back soon for information regarding financial assistance for our Fall season.


Q: How will recipients be chosen?

A: The review board’s decision process will be driven by several factors including financial need, AWT’s commitment to diversity, and a demonstrated embodiment of our core values. 

Q: How much financial assistance will I receive?

A: Applicants will be given the opportunity to request 25%-100% tuition relief. We will do our best to accommodate those requests.

Q: Am I required to do behind-the-scenes work in order to receive financial assistance?

A: No. Financial assistance is distributed based on need to participants who most exemplify our core values. Unlike the CrewNer program, there is no requirement to contribute behind-the-scenes; however, you’re more than welcome to if you’d like!

Q: When will applicants hear back?

A: Applicants will be notified one way or the other via email approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Q: What are my chances of receiving a financial assistance?

A: AfterWork Theater is always expanding our fundraising efforts so that we might offer access to fun, community, and creative self-expression to anyone in need.  That said, there is currently a finite pool of money available for tuition relief. The chances of an applicant receiving assistance is completely dependent on the number of applications we receive. Just remember, it never hurts to apply!

Q: You guys are requesting some seriously personal financial documents! Will my information be protected?

A: Absolutely. Financial assistance is awarded largely on a need basis. As such, applicants must prove need by submitting the previous year’s tax returns plus two pay stubs and/or a letter from their employer attesting to the individual’s annual income. We recognize that this is extremely sensitive information and it will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We therefore, ask applicants to redact any personal information including, address, social security #’s, and any bank information; however, names should not be redacted. All applications will be made anonymous before they are submitted to AWT’s financial assistance review board, and will be permanently deleted/destroyed as soon as the process is complete.

Q: Who sits on the financial assistance review board?

A: The financial assistance review board is comprised of at least four AWT leaders. These are individuals who are committed to creating opportunities and upholding AWT’s core values. They have a wealth of experience interacting with the organization in a multitude of ways including board members, participants, staff members, etc. Finally, they are a diverse group in regards to gender, race and socio-economic backgrounds.

Q: Can I become a part of the financial assistance review board?

A:We would love to hear from you if you have interest in this. Members of the financial assistance review board must complete AWT’s free Leadership Training Program. Please reach out and let us know if this is something in which you have interest.