A Letter from the Founder

From the age of four, theater kept me busy around the clock and I loved every minute of it. Theater was how I found my confidence, had fun, and made friends. Theater was home. Then I grew up and, because I hadn’t chosen to pursue it professionally, performing disappeared from my life altogether.

In 2012, at thirty-one, I was living in NYC and working as a real estate agent. It seemed I had all the trappings of a successful life and yet, I felt a real void. You guessed it: it was theater. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to suddenly become a professional actor. I simply wanted to perform for all the reasons that had fulfilled me as a child. Looking around New York City, however, I couldn’t find an opportunity to be in a show just for the fun of it. Thus was born the concept for AfterWork Theater.

For the past four years, AWT has been enriching the everyday lives of adults by creating the opportunity to participate in theatrical experiences that promote fun, community, and creative self-expression. No audition required. The people you’ll see on stage tonight come to us from every walk of life – lawyers, teachers, mothers, retirees – you name it, and we put them in shows.

As a born optimist, I never doubted we would find immense talent hidden within the sea of workaday New Yorkers and, boy did we ever! What I never could have foreseen though, when we began this little project four years ago, was that we were building a new home for so many people. With that in mind, I invite you, whomever you are, to join our ever-expanding family. Whether you’re returning to what you love or stepping on stage for the first time, there’s simply nothing like being in a show.

With love and gratitude,


Evan Greenberg
Founder & Executive Director
AfterWork Theater

Evan Greenberg, Founder & Executive Director

At the tender age of four, Evan Greenberg attended an after-school theater program and instantly fell in love with performing. As he got older, school theater and performing arts camp kept him on stage around the clock and loving every 
minute. Evan attended NYU film school and went on to live many lives. At the age of 31 though, living as a full-time real estate agent in New York, Evan suddenly realized just how much he missed being in shows. It wasn’t the idea of fame or fortune he craved but rather, the fun, the friends, and the opportunity to express himself through song and dance. In 2012, Evan founded AfterWork Theater in an effort to reclaim everything he loved about performing and boy, did it work! Evan currently serves as Executive Director to the AfterWork Community. Through this organization, he has produced fourteen shows, made hundreds of new friends, and reconnected with his greatest passion in life.

AWT Board of Directors

Max Winer - pic

Max Winer, President; Chair, Development

Max serves as President of AfterWork Theater’s Board of Directors, and in that capacity provides leadership, guidance, and strategy to all facets of AfterWork Theater’s business operations and growth. During the day, Max serves as Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at NYU Langone Medical Center, where he manages key philanthropic relationships and facilitates the creation innovative and multidisciplinary programs that improve the health of vulnerable New Yorkers. Max first joined AWT in 2013 as a participant in RENT after a nine-year hiatus from the stage. Beyond having reconnected with his love for performance, Max was awestruck by the community-building power of AWT. It is AfterWork’s commitment to creating accessible spaces for fun, community, and creative self-expression that keeps Max so engaged, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Max Winer - pic

Nick Harris, Board Member

Nick Harris serves on the AWT Board of Directors. Nick builds brands: during the day he is a marketing executive for Two Sigma, a quantitative investment manager in Soho.  Nick oversees the brand side of new business expansion and product launches, from private equity to venture capital. Prior to joining Two Sigma, Nick served as global brand marketing lead for Bloomberg Media, directing the relaunches of Bloomberg Business, Bloomberg Politics, and Bloomberg Markets and then creating Bloomberg X, a private access event and social network.  And way before all of this, Nick was a global account manager at BBDO on the Gillette (P&G) account, where he managed strategic campaigns across emerging markets around the world. Nick hails from Melbourne, Australia and only ever sings in the shower.