This show is so choice!

Grab those shoulder pads and scrunchies because it’s totally time to party like it’s 1989! Span the decade of the most totally rad and epic tunes, back when hair was high and music videos and TV theme songs were still a thing. Don’t have a cow, just sign up!

Vocals: Basic harmonies | Dance: Basic movement, with a couple dancey numbers!


Basic tuition to participate in an AWT Sing Out is $435. Newbies get a $40 discount. Participants can pay tuition all at once, or in three, four, or five monthly installments (as low as $96/month – or $87/month for newbies)!

Is tuition an obstacle for you? Now there are TWO ways to receive tuition relief at AfterWork Theater! Click here to apply for financial assistance or click here to learn more about accruing points through AWT’s new and improved CrewNer program!

Discount types can not be combined. Tuition does NOT cover a print out of your script/score/sheet music or your costume. AWT has a small budget to cover some specific costume needs. From there, we work with participants to piece together costumes sourced from their closets, thrift stores and the good will of the community.  All tuition payments are final and non-refundable for any reason.


Below is the rehearsal and performance schedule for AWT’s like, Totally 80s Sing Out. Rehearsals are generally held one night per week for eight weeks. As there are two casts, you will be assigned to rehearse on Monday OR Wednesday evenings depending on which cast you are placed in. During the second week of rehearsals, you will receive a detailed schedule that specifies exactly what dates and times you will be needed.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Prior to Launch Day, participants will have the opportunity to list up to two rehearsal conflicts. Once rehearsals begin, participants may miss up to one additional undisclosed rehearsal. After that, it is up to the discretion of the creative team whether or not a participant’s role must be reassigned.

NOTE: the schedule below is subject to change.



Rehearsals will take place at Molloy Studios
50 Broadway, 4th Floor


The 14th St Y
344 E 14th St.
New York, NY 10003

Creative Team


Registration into AWT's like, Totally 80's Sing Out is $435 (as low as $96/month). Newbies receive a $40 discount (as low as $87/month)!

Registration is now complete. Get tickets at, and check back soon for information on our next Sing Out!

Financial Aid Application

Tuition Relief Available!

Apply here!

AfterWork Theater Cancellation Policy for Musicals, Plays, Sing Outs, Bootcamps and Concerts

Any participant who withdraws from an AfterWork Theater Musical, Play, Sing Out, Bootcamp or Concert (Collectively called a Performance Program) less than 48 hours prior to Launch Day are not entitled to a refund or credit, and are responsible for the full tuition amount regardless of how many monthly payments have incurred at the time of withdrawal. Returning participants who have previously participated in a Performance Program who withdraw more than 48 hours prior to Launch Day may re-purpose their tuition toward a future Performance Program or AWT You Class no more than one calendar year from Launch Day of the initial program purchased. New participants who have not previously participated in a Performance Program who withdraw more than 48 hours prior to Launch Day may receive a full refund and are not responsible for any future payments on their payment plan.

“Try it out” Cancellation Policy Exception

New to AfterWork Theater? We know signing up for new experiences can be scary. That’s why we are offering New Participants a 100% money back guarantee if they attend Launch Day Orientation and choose to withdraw from the program before the end of orientation. By the end of your orientation, if you decide this experience isn’t for you then you’ve made zero commitments, financial or otherwise. New participant attendees who withdraw after their Launch Day orientation is complete – including later that evening or the following day – are not eligible for a refund of any kind and will not be able to repurpose tuition towards a future program.

PLEASE NOTE: A “New Participant” is defined as someone who has never participated in an AWT Musical, Play, Sing Out, Bootcamp or Concert program at the time that Launch Day begins. A New Participant seeking to withdraw from the program must do so via email to prior to the completion of their Launch Day orientation. They may not postpone their refund request until the cast list is published. Once Launch Day orientation is over, they are no longer entitled to a refund for any reason. Participants who withdraw after Launch Day orientation are responsible for the full tuition amount regardless of how many monthly payments have incurred at the time of withdrawal.

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