Learn and Discuss (Theater)

A deep dive into the world of theatre. Popular subjects for our learn and discuss (theater) classes include Script Analysis and Social Discourse as expressed through theatre. Each Instructor will bring their own unique twist. Courses may include special guests, viewing parties, demonstrations, performances or group work.

Check back soon for information on upcoming learn and discuss (theater) classes!

Previous Courses and Descriptions

It’s Not NOT a Script Analysis Class

Participants will dig into scene work via table readings, break down and interpret scenes, and take part in character studies. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to connect with a script, while also forming important connections with your fellow students, even while we can’t share the same physical space.

Historical Movements: Musical Theatre as a Catalyst for Social Discourse

The art of storytelling is ingrained in the human race: Cave dwellers etched pictographs into walls, African griots would share tales of generations that came before, Egyptians and Mayans built temples that were decorated with stories still being deciphered and cultures around the globe sang, dance and verbally passed on the stories of yore – warnings, guidance and an acknowledgement that life is difficult, but worth living.

Theatre is one of the evolutionary results of these practices, highlighting society’s issues on the stage and pushing the dialogue further – giving the audience an opportunity to be a part of that change or to simply acknowledge that one needs to be made. Theatre reflects the ever-changing themes and impacts of life. Whether it is challenging leadership or examining the meaning of life, theatre has stood as a tool that touches individuals and broadens their perspective on humanity and reality. This 8-week course will tackle pertinent societal issues and view them through a performance lens with musical theatre as the foundation.


Refund Policy

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