Historical Movements: Musical Theatre as a Catalyst for Social Discourse – Thursdays starting 8.6 (Summer 2020)

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Course Description
The art of storytelling is ingrained in the human race: Cave dwellers etched pictographs into walls, African griots would share tales of generations that came before, Egyptians and Mayans built temples that were decorated with stories still being deciphered and cultures around the globe sang, dance and verbally passed on the stories of yore – warnings, guidance and an acknowledgement that life is difficult, but worth living. Theatre is one of the evolutionary results of these practices, highlighting society’s issues on the stage and pushing the dialogue further – giving the audience an opportunity to be a part of that change or to simply acknowledge that one needs to be made. Theatre reflects the ever-changing themes and impacts of life. Whether it is challenging leadership or examining the meaning of life, theatre has stood as a tool that touches individuals and broadens their perspective on humanity and reality. This 8-week course will tackle pertinent societal issues and view them through a performance lens with musical theatre as the foundation.

Thursdays, 7pm – 9pm
8-week series: August 6, 2020 – September 24, 2020
Instructor:  Tremaine A. Price
Teacher’s Assistant: Alissandra Pacheco
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $100 (See below for Pay-It-Forward Pricing)
Financial Assistance: Available via application
Capacity: 30 participants

Historical Movements: Musical Theatre as a Catalyst for Social Discourse will take place via Zoom

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Instructor Bio
Tremaine A. Price, affectionately known as “Mr. T,” is an arts educator with 10 years worth of teaching experience. He is currently the Arts Director for Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, NY, where he oversees the artistic and educational development of students in middle and high school. Having built a curriculum which focuses on dramatic literacy and theory as well as foundational drama techniques, he has produced and directed over 12 productions in his 7-year tenure at Summit Academy. A self-proclaimed “Theatre Geek,” Tremaine used his interest in Black History matched with his love for Theatre to focus his college studies on African American Dramatic Literature at Vanderbilt University, and has since pursued his passion with a Masters of Arts in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities at NYU. He is a proud participant of AWT since 2016 (Sing Out: Gender Benders), and has since joined the ranks as director for the shows “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cabaret,” and most recently “Totally 80’s Sing Out.” He is also a former ambassador and former core member of Strike-A-Chord.


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