AWT CrewNer Program

Welcome to the AWT CrewNer Board! The board below will be updated with a variety of CrewNer gigs. Gigs will range from one time “task rabbit” errands to more involved behind-the-scenes assignments. Each gig will be worth its own specified number of CrewNer credits, which individuals can accrue and redeem for AWT products such as tuition, tickets, merchandise, and more. Rack up your CrewNer credits now and make your next season of AWT easy on your wallet!

CrewNer Credits are like money!

Earn Credits by working on gigs

1 Hour = 1 Credit

Want a shirt? Spend less than 3 Credits
Want a ticket to a show? Spend about 3-4 Credits
Want to take a class? Spend about 25-60 Credits
Want to be in a show? Spend about 30-100 Credits

Woah – That’s a lotta credits! Better sign up for a gig!

No jobs found.

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Q: Do I have to be registered in an AWT program in order to accrue CrewNer credits?

A: Nope! Anyone can sign up for CrewNer gigs and accrue credits.

Q: Am I able to sign up for any gig I choose?

A: Not necessarily. Many CrewNer gigs are open to all; however, some require prerequisites such as completing AWT’s Leadership Training Program or proving experience in a given area.

Q: How do you determine which tasks qualify for CrewNer credits and which tasks don't?

A: CrewNer credits are reserved for services that generate budget relief; therefore, only services that have already been included in AWT’s annual budget will qualify for credit.  

Q: Can I register at a discount before I perform my CrewNer gig?

A: No. All gigs must be completed before you can redeem the associated CrewNer credits.

Q: How many CrewNer credits are gigs worth?

A: Gigs range in credit value. For example, one-off errands such as delivering glow-tape might be worth one credit while ongoing production gigs such as spotlight operator or front-of-house manager might be worth as much as 54 credits. Registration into a Mainstage Musical is equal to 100 CrewNer credits.

Q: What happens if I sign up for a gig and then I can't make it?

A: Although we recognize that there may be a desire to snatch up a gig as soon as possible, we ask that you please thoroughly check your calendar for prior commitments BEFORE signing up for a gig.  Last minute or frequent cancellations impacts the production process and may lead to limitations being placed on your future CrewNer opportunities.

Q: What is the process for securing a CrewNer gig?

A: The process for securing a gig varies as well.  Gigs that are open to all will be offered on a first come, first served basis. All you have to do is be the first to sign up and the gig is yours. Other gigs requiring prerequisites may have more involved processes, including resume submission or interviews.

Q: What other sorts of gigs will be available?

A: Below is a list of examples of the types of gigs which will be offered through the CrewNer Board.

  • Task Rabbit
  • Load-In Crew
  • Backstage Crew
  • Admin Support
  • Spotlight Operator (Training Required)
  • Assistant Stage Manager (Training Required)
  • Audio Assistant (Training Required)
  • Front-of-House Staff (Training Required)
  • Lightboard Operator (Training Required)
  • Graphic Designer (Experience & Portfolio Required)
  • Costume Designer (Experience & Interview Required)
  • Prop Designer (Experience & Interview Required)

Q: How does one redeem CrewNer credits?

A: Once you have completed a CrewNer task you will receive a Crewpon code. Credits can be redeemed at checkout using this code. Please note: AWT will accept a maximum of 275 CrewNer credits per season on a first come, first served basis.