Nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine

Welcome to Almost, Maine, a place that’s so far north, it’s almost not in the United States. It’s almost in Canada. And it’s not quite a town, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it almost doesn’t exist. One cold, clear, winter night, as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

Each of our three directors will primarily work on three of the nine short plays. Participants will be cast in at least one short play. Each play focuses on only two characters, so every participant and will have the opportunity to work in an intimate two- to three-person environment with their scene partner and the director multiple times throughout the rehearsal process. In addition to this scene study like learning process, there will also be times when participants can observe other scenes being worked on, and when participants will work with the other participants and directors who are not involved in their main play.

Pay What You Can Options

If the $300 tuition is not within your budget, please consider one of our Pay What You Can options ($250 and $200 for this program). We are also offering financial assistance for even lower tuition rates (apply here). Our ability to offer this program with affordable options is contingent on those with the ability to pay full tuition choosing that option. If we do not have enough full priced tuition participants, this may result in cancelling the program.


Below is the complete rehearsal and performance schedule for Almost, Maine. Rehearsals are generally held one night per week and one afternoon per weekend for five weeks, culminating in one week of tech/dress rehearsals and performances. You will receive a detailed schedule that specifies exactly what dates and times you will be needed. If we have enough participants to add a second cast, the dates that are in red will be added to the schedule.

Absences: Absences are understood! The rehearsal schedule will be determined ahead of time and we know that not everyone will be available for every rehearsal. If you have to miss a rehearsal that you are called you to, you will be able to get notes and recordings from the director so that you can catch yourself up! There may also be open times during rehearsals where you can work with your scene partner outside of scheduled times.

NOTE: the schedule below is subject to change.


Rehearsals will take place via Zoom meetings and performances will utilize the showtix4u platform. Participants will need their own device to participate.

Creative Team

Aya Esther Hayashi


Molly Shoemaker


Tremaine A. Price


Registration is now open!

If the $300 tuition is not within your budget, please consider one of our Pay What You Can options ($250 and $200 for this course). We are also offering financial assistance via application for even lower tuition rates.

Refund Policy

AWT virtual play tuition is completely non-refundable for any reason whatsoever. Participants who withdraw from a program more than seven (7) days prior to Launch Day may transfer tuition toward a future program within one calendar year from the start of the initial program purchased. Participants who withdraw within seven (7) days from Launch Day are not eligible for a refund of any kind, will not be able to transfer tuition towards a future program, and are responsible for the full tuition amount regardless of how many monthly payments have incurred at the time of withdrawal.

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