Welcome to the Backstage Blog

I’m so excited to kick off this blog! I’ve got lots of content queued up for you that will dive into a lot of the goings on behind the scenes as well as in my head. I’ve already started some posts addressing some of the most frequently asked questions and often discussed topics. I’ve also started writing down the random musings and tangents I go on as they relate to running a “theater-for-fun” organization.

Whose blog is it, anyway?

Is this an official AWT blog, or is it Amanda’s blog? The answer is… a little bit of both? Primarily this is Amanda’s blog about things going on at AWT (and did I mention also in my head?) And hopefully we’ll have some guest bloggers in the future who will talk about things from their POV.

Guest bloggers? What else do you have planned?

That’s right, I hope to get other contributors on this blog, and also maybe some interviews? What else do you want to see? What topics do you want me or anyone else to write about? Send a note to info@afterworktheater.org with the subject: Blog Post Idea.

Thanks for stopping by, and my first official post about the casting process is already up!